Photo Packages

All images are enhanced and come on a SD card...

Wedding Packages
Have memories of the greatest day...

Ceremony + Bride/Groom and family photos(7hr shoot, 30+hr editing)
= $1,500
Bride/Groom & Family(4hr, 20hr+ editing)
Bride/Groom photos (2hr shoot, 16hr+ editing)
= $600
Engagement photos (1hr shoot, 8hr+editing)

Model Shoot
Always feel beautiful...

Fashion(1hr shoot, 8+hr editing)
= $55
Headshots(1hr shoot, 8hr+ editing)

Create a cherished moment with you and your love, or something for someone else to cherish.

Couples shoot (4hr shoot, 20+hr editing)
= $650
Intimate Individual shoot (1hr+ shoot, 16hr+ editing)
= $250

Show off your beautiful family

2-4 family members (1hr shoot, 16+hr editing)
= $200
5+ family members (2hr+ shoot, 30hr+ editing)
= $300


* I do not do make-up. I do however have many professional make-up artists that would love to help!
It will be a separate price.

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